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Welcome to Self Directed Faith - The Spiritual Education Center

Thank for visiting Self Directed Faith.  Self Directed Faith is about "THE SELF" that "CREATE EVERYTHING AROUND THYSELF".  Helping individuals (all races, all cultures, all religions) with spiritual education, that support individual belief and faith, enhancing it with the "balanced prayer" process to manifest the life you desire today!   Secrets revealed that transforms your thinking, powerful life changing knowledge which you already control.

If you pray, have you received everything you prayed for?

Why do some people get everything they want, while others get everything they don't want?

What do the major religions tell you to do, yet nothing seems to work for you?

Do you have an addition, which you cannot control?

What if every religion, personal coach, teacher, self help guide told you the truth about success and happiness - was correct but it did not work for you - why?


Our organization is focused on delivering spiritual education, with emphasis on helping you learn the three simple steps of a "balanced prayer". A balanced prayer is the technique which aligns your conscience mind to be congruent with your subconscious state.  You learn to design prayers in your faith / religion / spirit the specifics of what you desire in your life today, tomorrow and around you.  Then through an internal alignment process which we teach you, you manifest your reality and the universe serves it up.


We are inviting you to join our global community of like minded, spiritual beings to help educate millions of people learn these techniques to better themselves and others around them.

You will SOUND OUT what you are ready to HEAR!

You will VISUALIZE what you are ready to SEE!

You will FEEL what you are ready to EXPERIENCE!

You will ACT if you are ready to TAKE ACTION!

There is NO TIME but NOW!

We welcome you to connect with us online via our website with weekly sessions.

Balanced Prayers Helps to MANIFEST LIFE AS WE WANT

Self Directed Faith - Core Process

"I am who I Say I am and My Actions define ME & MY Success, the Universe Serves ME"


Three Steps to Prayer Manifestation

Self Directed Faith - Balanced Prayer - Visualization, Prayer Builder, Faith and Belief - Prayer Manifestation



IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are religion agnostic.  We are not affiliated with any religion.  We have a strict rule not to discuss religion.  We believe that every individual has a right to their own religious beliefs.  We teach you the tools of what was revealed and you can decide how to implement them in your own life and belief system.

 Creat a Balanced Prayer to Help Individuals MANIFEST What EACH Person Wants From the UNIVERSE

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