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Prayer Builder Power Words

These are sample words provide to help you leverage them to build your own prayers (in your own belief system).   The structure of the prayer needs to be balanced where you give, you the word power to speak to yourself and allow your conscience mind and sub-conscience minds to be congruent and unified to help you with your prayer request to the universe.   You will know you are congruent when there is a "PEACEFUL FEELING" within you.

If you are using your mind to request what you wish to manifest, but you are feeling like you are unsettled, then your sub-conscience is not in agreement with your request and your prayer will not be answered by the universe the way you may want it.   Often, you will want to ask specific questions to dig deeper why and what is causing this to be the case.  Then you can ask yourself how or what you need to do to get an agreement between both your mind and soul.


Powerful Binding Keywords for Prayer Builder

Bind Rebuke Ceasing Destroy Dissolve Stop Break Take Away Not Never Can’t Don’t


Powerful Words to Answer All Your PrayersPositive Keywords Words for Prayer Builder

Absolutely Abundant Accept
Acclaimed Accomplishment Achievement
Action Active Activist
Acumen Adjust Admire
Adopt Adorable Adored
Adventure Affirmative Affluent
Agree Airy Alive
Alliance Alter Amaze
Amity Animated Answer
Appreciation Approve Aptitude
Artistic Assertive Astonish
Astounding Astute Attractive
Authentic Basic Beaming
Beautiful Believe Benefactor
Benefit Bighearted Blessed
Bliss Bloom Bountiful
Bounty Brave Bright
Brilliant Bubbly Bunch
Burgeon Calm Celebrate
Certain Change Character
Charitable Charming Cheer
Cherish Clarity Classy
Clean Clever Closeness
Commend Companionship Complete
Comradeship Confident Connect
Connected Constant Content
Conviction Copious Core
Coupled Courageous Creative
Cuddle Cultivate Cure
Curious Cute Dazzling
Delight Direct Discover
Distinguished Divine Donate
Each Day Eager Earnest
Easy Ecstasy Effervescent
Efficient Effortless Electrifying
Elegance Embrace Encompassing
Encourage Endorse Energized
Energy Enjoy Enormously
Enthuse Enthusiastic Entirely
Essence Established Esteem
Esteemed Everyday Excited
Exciting Exhilarating Expand
Explore Express Exquisite
Exultant Faith Familiar
Family Famous Feat
Fit Flourish For the Highest Good
Fortunate Fortune Freedom
Fresh Friendship Full
Funny Gather Generous
Genius Genuine Give
Glad Glow Gorgeous
Grace Graceful Gratitude
Green Grin Group
Grow Handsome Happy
Harmony Healed Healing
Healthful Healthy Heart
Hearty Heavenly Helpful
Here Here Hold
Holy Honest Honored
Hug I affirm I allow
I am willing I am. I Can
I choose I create I follow
I know I know, without a doubt I make
I realize I take action I trust
Idea Ideal Imaginative
In Every Way In this moment Increase
Incredible Independent Ingenious
Innate Innovate Inspire
Instantaneous Instinct Intellectual
Intelligence Intuitive Inventive
Joined Jovial Joy
Jubilation Keen Key
Kind Kiss Knowledge
Laugh Leader Learn
Legendary Let Go Light
Lively Love Loveliness
Lucidity Lucrative Luminous
Maintain Marvelous Master
Meaningful Meditate Mend
Metamorphosis Mind-Blowing Miracle
Mission Modify Motivate
Moving Natural Nature
Nourish Nourished Novel
Now Nurture Nutritious
One Open Openhanded
Optimistic Paradise Party
Peace Perfect Phenomenon
Pleasure Plenteous Plentiful
Plenty Plethora Poise
Polish Popular Positive
Powerful Prepared Pretty
Principle Productive Project
Prominent Prosperous Protect
Proud Purpose Quest
Quick Quiet Ready
Recognized Refinement Refresh
Rejoice Rejuvenate Relax
Reliance Rely Remarkable
Renew Renowned Replenished
Resolution Resound Resources
Respect Restore Revered
Revolutionize Rewarding Rich
Right Now Robust Rousing
Safe Secure See
Sensation Serenity Shift
Shine Shown Silence
Simple Sincerity Smart
Smile Smooth Solution
Soul Sparkling Spirit
Spirited Spiritual Splendid
Spontaneous Stillness Stir
Stirring Strong Style
Success Sunny Support
Sure Surprise Sustain
Synchronized Team Thankful
Therapeutic Thorough Thrilled
Thrive Tied Today
Today Together Tranquil
Transform Triumph Trust
Truth Unity Unusual
Unwavering Upbeat Valued
Vary Venerated Venture
Vibrant Victory Vigorous
Vision Visualize Vital
Vivacious Voyage Wealthy
Welcome Well Whole
Wholesome Willing With Everyone
Wonder Wonderful Wondrous


Creat a Balanced Prayer to Help Individuals MANIFEST What EACH Person Wants From the UNIVERSENegative Keywords To Create Balance / Congruence

Beaten down
Bossed around
Brushed off
Cut down
Disapproved of
Falsely accused
Imposed upon
Lectured to
Left out
Lied about
Lied to
Put down
Uncared about

build a balanced prayer that works - manifest everything you want in your life - SelfDirectedFaith.com

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