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Top 10 Male Fears & Top 10 Female Fears – Why My Fears Come True

Why My FEARS Come True?

Top 10 Male Fears & Top 10 Female Fears

How to Replace Fear with Self-Love?

Why My FEARS Come True?  To 10 Male Fears & 10 Ten Female Fears  My Fears Are Answered! How to Replace Fear with Love?

Fear is designed as a protective mechanism for yourself.  Protect your physical body, protect your spiritual self, protect your mind and protect your loved ones around you.  Fear is the trigger for you to make a decision of "STAY AND FIGHT" or "TAKE FLIGHT AND RUN".   Fear is a powerful weapon which can unite or divide people to take action or in-action.  Political and religious leads leverage fear to persuade people to mobilize.




(Be very aware if you or others are manipulating you to take action?)


Its important to understand the foundation of Self Directed Faith is based around emotional discharge of negative and positive energy to influence the universe to deliver to use what we desire.  Please take a moment to read the prior statement again and really take a moment to understand this statement.   When you fear something or someone or a potential outcome in your life, typically, you are spending significant amount of energy around this fear.   Often, you take a moment to think about it, you will identify that your are not only thinking about the fear, but your are spending a lot of emotional energy, giving your fears power.   You are really broadcasting from your body, mind and sole your fear.

So, if you are sending negative energy into the air, one would assume you should attract positive energy back -- here lies the real issue.  As you think, your are actually thinking positive thoughts - like I AM NOT SCARED, I AM NOT GOING TO BE AFRAID, I AM LOVED, I AM NOT ALONE, PEOPLE LIKE ME, I AM STRONG, etc.  These are typically the positive thoughts a lot of people in fear think about.   If you really take a moment to think about your FEARS, and listen to your thoughts, what are you saying in your mind vs. how are you feeling.   Its most like, you are thinking positive thoughts but your fears are projecting out of you - thus, as a result you are going to attract what you FEAR because your sub-conscience is stronger than your conscience.   Additionally, you are sending out emotions, which transmits your thoughts into the universe, thus attracting exactly what you feared.   If some of this sound foreign to you, then you will want to review the core foundation of Self Directed Faith and take time to speak or attend our sessions so that we can help you understand this information and provide you the knowledge and tools to manifest the self-love that you want for peace and happiness, today!

Fears-are-stories - FEAR - Top 10 Male Fears and Top 10 Female FearsTop 10 Men's Fears

1. To do something wrong
2. Changes
3. Criticism
4. His entourage don't like his girlfriend
5. Losing of status and state
6. Female supremacy
7. Woman's tears
8. Female unfaithfulness
9. Impotence
10. Wedding

Top 10 Men's Fear About Their Partners

10. Men worry that they’re not being “man” enough.
9. Men worry about not “measuring up” in the workplace and in the bedroom.
8. Men worry that you’ll compare them to your exes and find them lacking.
7. Men worry that they don’t look good enough to keep the woman from straying.
6. Men worry that you’ll gain weight … a LOT of weight.
5. Men worry that they won’t be able to make you feel better when you’re upset.
4. Men worry that they’re not going to have sex with anyone else for the rest of their lives.
3. Men worry about not being good fathers.
2. Men worry about hurting you – even if it involves breaking up with you.
1. Men worry about not being able to make a woman happy.

What-Would-You-Try-If-You-Had-No-Fears-SelfDirectedFaith - Fears-are-stories - FEAR - Top 10 Male Fears and Top 10 Female FearsTop 10 Women's Fears

1. Loss of a loved one (spouse/children/parents)
2. Debilitating illness / terminal disease
3. Failure
4. Old age / senility
5. The unknown; the what-ifs
6. Loneliness
7. Dependency on others
8. Rejection
9. Specific critters (e.g., snakes, roaches, rats)
10. Being judged unfairly

Top 10 Women's Fears About Themselves & Their Partners

1. Women worry their man will not be faithful (will cheat on them)
2. Women worry their man own't be attracted to them
3. Women worry their man will die before them and they will be alone
4. Women worry their man will be dissatisfied / angry with them
5. Women worry their man will they not good enough
6. Women worry that they can't fit everything in their lives
7. Women worry about their children / home / family life
8. Women worry about their health
9. Women worry about unable to meet their financial needs
10. Women worry about getting pregnant



Here are steps to REPLACE FEARS with SELF-LOVE.  Please note that you cannot remove or displace fears, you can simply learn to understand them and get more insight into what causes you to be fearful, then as you become more familiar with the facts of what caused you to be fearful, you will start to see how to address the fear and replace it with love, affection and understanding.   Fear is often considered as a "negative charge", this while negative is powerful and can be an emotional discharge.

1. Take deep breath, pause, then take another, not take a deeper breath and focus your attention to your core fear, ask yourself; WHAT AM I SCARED OF THE MOST, THAT WHICH HAS KEPT ME FROM ACHIEVING PEACE AND HAPPINESS IN MY LIFE?

2. Now, breath, as you PAUSE in SILENCE.  Don't try to answer this question with your mind but allow it to settle in your mind.  Take another deep breath, and now fill your lungs with air, as much as you can and hold it in as you exhale your breath, think about the FEAR that which you identified.

3. As you take another breath, start to feel the fear, do you feel the fear?   Can you visualize the root cause of your fear, is it a person, is it a thing, is it a situation --- breath again as you ask yourself this question to identify the root cause of your fear.

4. Now that you have identified the fear, you will want to imagine that you are far, far and even further away from this fear.... walk, run, hide, fly, shield yourself --- take a moment to move as far away from this fear as you can.... take another deep breath and ask yourself - AM I FAR ENOUGH FROM THIS FEAR THAT IT CANNOT HURT ME?   Breath and wait for the answer... it must be yes for you to move forward.

5. Now close your eyes, imagine and FEEL that you are SAFE, PROTECTED, SHIELDED from your FEAR and WORRIES.... now you are ready to LOOK and EXAMINE your fear(s).   Take a deep breath and examine it more clearly.   Dig deeper to look at this fear, look at it from the top, look at it from the bottom, look at it from the side, look at it from every angle.

6. Now as you examine your feelings as you imagine the fear from afar, how do you feel, take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel the fear, understand the feeling of this fear... allow yourself to get familiar with this feeling of fear.

7. As you complete this examination from far, far, far away from the fear --- you are protected from your fear but you can see it, feel it and experience it from a safe place within your mind.  Now take a deep breath and feel how it would feel if you did not have this fear but was able to replace it with love.   How would you feel if you could see this fear from afar, but see it with love?

8. Take a moment to breath deeply as your visualize spiral circles of brilliant white and florescent blue light flowing from where you are and projecting on this fear the purity of love and affections and joy.   Imagine for a minute that you are able to wash the fear away with clean pure water that dazzles of glitter from the sun light.  Imagine the fear washing away leaving your simple solutions that you can take to address your fears and replace them with love, joy and peace.

9. As you take a deep breath, smile, smile again, feel your heart beating with love and joy as you smile .... now as you smile and feel your heart beating with joy, come closer to your fear.  Take your time to see it, does your fear look different?  Does your fear feel different?  Do you feel that you have a solution to your fears?


In the name of my "Father in Heaven" and "Mother Earth where I reside", bring my top fear into focus, surface them so that I can see them, feel them, touch them, inspect them, think about them with SAFETY as I have TRAVELED FAR AWAY from MY FEAR and STAND BESIDE MY FATHER IN HEAVEN WHO PROTECTS ME WITH A SHIELD OF WHITE BRIGHT LIGHT.

My father in Heaven, as I give you all of my fears, my worries, and from this day forth you will carry my fears as I have none!  I have filled my sole, my body, my spirit with clean blue loving light that has come from the Heaven above, I am drowned by healing protection of this beautiful glorious brilliant light that beats at the same pulse as my heart beat.  All around me, I feel the love, I feel the light, I feel the joy.

I accept my core love language to be ____________________________, and my spouse (NAME) to be ______________________________, moving forward I will give my spouse, love, based on their core love language, _____________________________, even if I do not receive my spouses love the same way that I need to be loved.

I have FAITH in the Universe that I am loved, I am complete, I am filled with joy, I am filled with confidence, I am filled with peace, I am filled with positive energy.  I feel the LOVE I NEED, I HAVE THE LOVE I NEED, RIGHT NOW, I HAVE what I NEED to FILL LOVED and through my faith I am complete!

As I speak this prayer with conviction, I feel the joy of love within me, it fills me with light, it fills me with understanding, it fills me with happiness.  I have the awakening from my "Father in Heaven" that fills me with LOVE, PEACE and ACCEPTANCE I NEED.

I give my "Father in Heaven" all of my worries, my concerns, my sadness, my doubts, my fears.

I release my heart, my spirit to my spouse to be FREE and allow the Universe to bring us the love we both desire.



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