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Changing My Self Talk (My Stories) - Manifesting My Life

Why Positive Self Talk Does Not Work for the Long-term?

"Stories" - pause for a minute and listen, do you hear yourself talking in your head?  If you can pause your mind, you will soon find that you are in a constant dialogue with yourself.  Can you stop this conversation within yourself?  Many people who practice meditation, they reach a point of silence -- silencing the mind -- this is known as getting to balance or reaching inner peace.  Self-talk, is the process of speaking to yourself, in your mind, what stories are you telling yourself that trigger good and bad decisions every second?

Let us take a moment to discuss - "SELF TALK" or the "STORIES WE TELL OURSELVES".

Where does this come from?

How did it get there?

How do I control and change it?

Can I stop talking to myself?

Does it really matter?

Self talk or the stories we have internalized come from everyone and everything around us. The stories we tell ourselves came from events, information and feelings, which typically occurred in the past, typically when we are children. These past experiences reside within our sub-conscience.  They are learning's which we carry from the past and are designed by us, to protect us in the future.  These self talk thoughts evoke triggers of positive or negative feelings -- LOVE or FEAR, designed to help us make decisions for ourselves in everyday life.  Typically, by the time we are adults, we have many of these learning's integrated within our sub-conscience. This makes it very difficult as we get to adulthood, we are typically going through life with the same fears and love needs as as in our childhood.

Many self help resources are available in books, CDs, documentaries, and all types of information online.  While much of the information can have SHORT-TERM IMPACT because most are focused on words of affirmation, positive self talk, etc, they do not have the ingredient necessary for life long changes that one desires.  Typically, because the root change that has to be made is within the sub-conscience mind, body and soul (spirit).

Why Positive Self Talk Does Not Work? Short Term Life Changes - Self Directed Faith - Balance Prayers Delivers Long Term Self Talk Changes to Manifest the Life You Want for Yourself

Why does POSITIVE SELF TALK only work for the Short-Term?

There are two parts which make up our mind, the sub-conscience and the conscience.   Most of the positive words, positive affirmations are designed to help us, but they often do not and cannot penetrate into our sub-conscience.   As most of us already know that our sub-conscience mind is much stronger and we are not in control of it through simple thoughts.  However, we can and know how to make significant changes to our sub-conscience through the use of "Balanced Prayers".

How do I use Balanced Prayers to Change My Self Talk and Manifest The Life I Want to Live?

How do I use Balanced Prayers to Change My Self Talk and Manifest The Life I Want to Live?

  1. Take a deep breath, then pause, take another deep breath, LISTEN, stop your ears from hearing, stop your eyes from seeing, stop your activities, just feel your breathing.   Now take another deep breath and really LISTEN to your thoughts.   Practice this until you are really aware of YOUR SELF TALK - THE STORIES YOU ARE TELLING YOURSELF.
  2. When you are out and about with people, working, or just with your family or friends, as you communicate with each other - reflect on your internal listening skills - WHAT ARE YOU SAYING TO YOURSELF? Can you hear your thoughts, as someone speaks or as you speak to others?  Are you able to LISTEN TO YOUR INTERNAL SELF TALK?  If yes, move forward, or go back to #1 and practice how to be aware of your internal self talk speaking to yourself.
  3. Once you are consistently aware of your self talk, you are now ready to ask yourself - WHO is speaking to you?, WHAT are they saying to create fear or love? & WHY are you reacting the way you are reacting? - The information you hear or see or feel from others and with your internal story telling, triggering you to react and make decisions based on past fears or love.  Please note that all of our present decisions are based on PAST EXPERIENCES, that is your reference point.
  4. Take a moment now to think about the stories you are telling yourself. Try to categorize your stories into FEAR or LOVE.  You will want to UNDERSTAND this information so that you can decide if your past feelings are actually valid and relevant TODAY? If it's time to REPLACE YOUR OLD SELF TALK WITH NEW STORIES, then lets get started.   Please note that you cannot stop telling yourself stories, you can only replace them with other stories.
  5. Now that you have come to accept and understand your past stories - you are ready to DESIGN A BALANCED PRAYER to REPLACE YOUR STORIES with EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT FOR THE LONG-TERM.


Please take a moment to gather your thoughts, here is something you will want to process:

  1. Define in great DETAIL your REPLACEMENT STORY.   This is the NEW STORY you want to tell yourself.  This can be as simple as I want to lose weight by 20 pounds (be specific) within the next 4 months or I want to make more money by selling $10K jobs that will bring me my $3K commission, etc.  Select words of affirmation, like, I have the tools to achieve my goals, or I have the will power to manifest what I need and want, etc.   Most of you have heard about words of affirmation (positive self talk) already, so I will not elaborate here.
  2. Now this is what makes Self Directed Faith - Balanced Prayer, different from others -- you now have to take a minute to pause and think about what you DO NOT WANT to happen.  It is not sufficient for you to ask for what you want via positive affirmations, but you must balance the negative self talk by dismissing them so that you can reprogram your sub-conscience.   The re-programming must take hold if you are going to see the changes in your life that you are seeking.  This critical step of dismissing negative thoughts as you promote the new stories, is the most critical step to success.
  3. Finally, you will want to verbalize, visualize and EMOTIONALLY FEEL the changes has already taken place for you to see the changes you desire.  This process of balancing the positive and negative and bringing your conscience and sub-conscience to be congruent with each other brings the new learnings into existence.  Long-term changes in your life will flow without effort.  Please note that as you send out the prayer, you will want to close your eyes, visualize your changes, feel the emotions of you achieving your results and sending it into the Universe with conviction (your voice) and imagine a blue colored light glowing all around your body and bursting out of you, through you, around you.
  4. The balanced prayer needs to be performed at least in the morning and evening hours when you awaken and go to sleep for a minimum of 6 weeks for the cycle of the past, replaced with the changes that you want to see take shape.

Replace My Self Talk (Stories) using Balanced Prayers by


In the name of my "Father in Heaven" and "Mother Earth where I reside",  I give you "Father in Heaven" all of my doubts, reservations, negative thoughts as I create the NEW within ME, I invoke within me that which is of YOU, touch my mind, body and soul with your DIVINE LIGHT.   I see and feel the BLUE LIGHT that which is dispersed from within me, I accept and feel YOUR LOVE for ME, MYSELF and I, as ONE WITHIN ME!  I AM COMPLETED AND OVER JOYED AS I AM NEW AGAIN.  

I ACCEPT the PAST, I SEE CLEARLY THE FUTURE and I am DEFINING WHAT I WANT IN MY LIFE NOW:  ______________________________________________________________________________


I revoke, dismiss, disavow any and all doubts, I give you my "Father in Heaven" all of my burdens which I have DEFINED as {negative thoughts} ___________________________________________________________________________________________________.

My conscience and sub-conscience mind are working together for my benefit, to protect, serve and prosper me.  I accept the learning's from the past stories and accept the NEW ME today, through this ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, I AM CONFIRMING MYSELF and AFFIRMING MYSELF AS COMPLETE, FILLED WITH JOY, FILLED WITH LOVE, FILLED WITH CONFIDENCE, FILLED WITH MY NEW STORIES WHICH I HAVE ACCEPTED TO BE THE TRUTH.  BLESSED BY MY FATHER IN HEAVEN, MY NEW SELF TALK SERVES ME TODAY.


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